Silver Dog Outdoors provides expert natural land use restoration and enhancement services as well as guided outdoor recreation activities. Below in a non-inclusive list of just some of the many services we provide our clients.


Non-inclusive Services List


• Rain garden and buffer plantings
• Native plant sales and installation
• Food plot seed sales and installation
• Forage plant sales and installation
• Ornamental native / edible landscapes
• Sale of native seed
• Consultation services
• Impoundment installations
• Finite estate management
• Wildlife mineral and feed sales
• Guided Hunting Trips


• Wildlife Nesting boxes / platforms
• Wildlife camera sales and installations
• Blind installations / sales
• Sale of blind brushing material
• Noxious weed control
• Wildlife habitat construction and design
• Animal nuisance removals
• Plant brokerage
• Eco tours
• Bird watching
• Guided fishing Trips


Please contact us to find out about the many other services we provide not listed here.