A few friends with collaborative strengths and a passion for the outdoors decided in 2010 that it is possible to do what we all love to do day in and day out. Our founding staff includes a seasoned carpenter of over 30 years, a professional horticulturist with over 23 years experience specializing in recreating natural habitats, and a farmer born into the family business with a natural ability to grow with the land and his neighbor’s.

Our clients’ will find us in the field year around working our skills to produce the best possible results on our properties and yours. Each site has its own personality which we thrive to build up for your enjoyment no matter how small or large. Please take some time to scan over a short list of our services on this web site and understand that we can go beyond what is listed to further create your project.

Who better to express your passion on enhancing your outdoor environment than Silver Dog Outdoors?